Till now we have seen and used several passwords, free user identification methods, like Fingerprint authentication, Iris scanner and recently facial recognition tech.

Samsung which keeps its self-busy with a huge R&D working going at its labs and keeps on filling new patents. It seems to have added a new Technology that Identifies Users Using Their Blood Flow Patterns.

The patent application was originally filed in the U.S patent office in July 2016 and is titled; “Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters”.

Samsung Blood Flow Pattern Recognition.
Via GizmoChina

The patent describes a method by which the users can be identified using the blood flow patterns in fingers or wrist. Samsung hopes that it could become a safe and reliable way to identify users. Apart from the facial recognition technology and the fingerprint, users may be able to unlock their phone using their heartbeats in the near future. The technology relies on the principle that the arterial conduction paths of different users are never identical. Thus a smartwatch or phone using the technology could identify it’s owner based on his or her blood flow pattern and thus unlock the device.

Via GizmoChina

This technology can be applied to smartphones, wearables, and even on laptops. So apart from passwords and pin codes, users should be able to unlock their device using either iris scanner, fingerprint sensor, Facial ID and Blood flow pattern!.

Via GizmoChina

This new tech might take some time to mature, but who knows that Samsung might debt the technology with its 10th iteration of ‘S’ series i.e Galaxy S10!.  only time says.

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