OnePlus is always ahead when it comes to software. Make no doubt about it. On the afternoon of July 18, OnePlus has released Android Q Developer Preview 3 for OnePlus 6,6T,7 and 7 Pro devices. This version of Android Q is equivalent to Google’s Android Q Beta 5.

What’s new in Android Q Developer Preview

What’s new you might wonder. There are a couple of new things and we would go through them one by one. Starting with games, there is a new Game Space. It’s the same but it has a shortcut which shows all the installed games and includes the same Fnatic Mode and graphics optimizations like previous versions

Customization in Android Q Developer Preview 3

The biggest changes in Android Q Developer Preview 3 (Android Q DP3) is the customization. There are various tweets in the system which allows for each section like lock screen and system. There are three themes from stock Android and the ability to choose a font. What’s new is, you can change the colour of the horizon light. This is what everyone was waiting for since long. And it’s there finally. 

Android Q Developer Preview 3 for OnePlus 6/6T/7/7 Pro
Android Q Developer Preview 3. PC: Pritansh Chandra

Smart Display Mode

PC: Pritansh Chandra

The Smart display mode for the ambient display is also tweaked to the liking. Now, it shows calendar events, music and other controls when it’s predicted by OxygenOS. 

Screen Recorder in Android Q Developer Preview 3

OnePlus Android Q Developer Preview 3 for OnePlus 6/6T/7/ 7Pro
PC: Pritansh Chandra

Also, the screen recorder can now record at 4K resolution, which is (3,840 x 2,160). The bitrate is also increased to 24mbos and 60fps. 

Well, these are just the positive things. There are also various bugs in the developer preview. Some of the ones confirmed by OnePlus problems in-app compatibility, facial recognition and so on. It’s not stable but still not as bad.

What do you think of it? Would you try out the Android Q Developer Preview 3 ( Android Q DP3) on your OnePlus device? Let us know in the comments below. 

Thanks to Pritansh Chandra for providing the screenshots!