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Have you struck at something on our device or Don’t know how to get the thing work? Worry no more! Follow our beginner-friendly tech guides to avert the situation.


Screen Protectors: Everything you need to know explained

What are Screen Protectors Screen Protectors- Everything you need to know: In simple words, a Screen Protector is a thin film of plastic that can...
Best Console Games for Android and iOS

5 Best Console Games for Android and iOS

Best Console Games for Android and iOS: Games have been one of the most vital parts of the Application Stores (App Store and Play...
remove ads on youtube | how to remove ads on youtube

How to remove ads on YouTube in 2020

How to remove Ads on YouTube in 2020 Ads on YouTube are increasing day by day. Since the new update to the app, ads have...

PUBG Mobile GFX Tool – The ultimate settings for your smartphone

PUBG Mobile Update (12/06/2019): As you people might have noticed with the recent update of PUBG Mobile v 0.13, the developers have warned people...
Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security: Risks and Solutions

Mobile devices have evolved so much over the past two decades, incorporating several new technologies to improve their performances. As at today, virtually everyone...
gift ideas for raksha bandhan

Gifts Idea for Raksha Bandhan [Tech] under Rs. 2,000

Gifts Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Raksha Bandhan is around the corner in a couple of days. We all here know that you might be wondering...
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Root and Install TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Install TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro: There are a lot of custom ROMs for Redmi Note 6 Pro for you to try, but...

How to set-up RCS in Android Messages for your Android phone.

Well, it’s a long time coming after Google announced RCS communication on Android. This feature is analogous to iMessage for iOS. Even since then,...

OnePlus Android Q Developer Preview 3

OnePlus is always ahead when it comes to software. Make no doubt about it. On the afternoon of July 18, OnePlus has released Android...
WhatsApp Beta & WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp Features: Tracing Messages, sending images

Latest WhatsApp Features on WhatsApp Beta that you need to know! WhatsApp, the world's largest messaging app, is working very hard to maintain that tag....