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Editor’s Corner: Read the opinions of Team Tecgag, We express our views and thoughts on the current and upcoming technology related things.

All About ads

Ads on the Internet – A Necessary Evil [Part 1]

Ads on the Internet | Why  Ads are inevitable in Today’s Internet World. Searched for something on the Internet and got the exact same thing...
Samsung Budget Foldable Smartphone | Samsung is working on a Budget foldable smartphone

Samsung is working on a Budget foldable smartphone

Samsung Budget Foldable Smartphone: The smartphone industry is slowly transitioning towards Foldable Smartphones. However, this genre of devices is not completely baked yet. Every...
remove ads on youtube | how to remove ads on youtube

How to remove ads on YouTube in 2020

How to remove Ads on YouTube in 2020 Ads on YouTube are increasing day by day. Since the new update to the app, ads have...
Problems with Mid range Smartphones

Problems with Midrange Smartphones

Midrange Smartphones Smartphones are becoming accessible day by day to everyone. Every one of us has a smartphone be it a budget, midrange smartphone, or...

PUBG Mobile GFX Tool – The ultimate settings for your smartphone

PUBG Mobile Update (12/06/2019): As you people might have noticed with the recent update of PUBG Mobile v 0.13, the developers have warned people...
OnePlus Nord Just another phone

OnePlus Nord: Just another phone from OnePlus

It has been a while since the OnePlus Nord has been launched. Yes, OnePlus has nailed it with its midranger this time, unlike OnePlus...

Capes India Skins Review – DBrand Alternative?

Introduction Most of the times, all of us have thought about trying skins for your device. Even though you look out for skins, the decision...
Android 10

Android 10: Overview & Features!

Well, Samsung Galaxy Y was the first Android phone of many of us. Which one was yours? Now rolling down from those jellybean and...

MI Band 4 Review

Mi Band 4 We've all heard or used the Mi Band series. The latest update to the series is the 4th iteration aka Mi Band...
Xiaomi;s under display-camera technology

Under display camera to take on the notch?

Under display cameras to take on notch? Front-facing cameras have undergone a lot of changes from notches to dewdrop to pop up to flip....