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Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review

Kushal Raut
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Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review: Best in Budget

Mechanical keyboards are great to elevate your typing experience. At Tecgag, we are going to cover one such budget mechanical keyboard. Welcome to our Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard. There is video review below as well!

Before getting towards the review, unboxing is a must. The review is going to cover everything including my experience with the Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard. Let’s get started.

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Inside the box, one gets the keyboard itself. Other things include the user manual, and the keycap puller. The packaging is good. 

The keycap puller can be used to remove the keycaps for additional cleaning or replacing the keys in the future, So make sure to keep it safe for future use. 

Cosmic Byte Mechanical Keyboard Review

First and foremost, this keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that greatly elevates your typing experience. If you are someone who does a lot of work such as typing in any form, then a mechanical keyboard is something you must definitely try. The Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow is a budget mechanical keyboard that would cost you around Rs. 2100.


Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review

Talking about the build quality of the keyboard, this keyboard is really well made. The top shell plate of the keyboard is aluminium which gives it a premium build. The back is made up of plastic. And it also has an elevation stand that allows you to set the keyboard inclined by a few degrees. The keycaps themselves are well made. 

The keycaps are abrasion-resistant and the face print of each key won’t fade away with time as said by the company. The keyboard also features a number pad which is required and a must for some users. The cable is not braided but I feel it is thick enough for handling daily wear and tear. The USB Plug connector is gold plated which is a nice touch.

Typing Comfort & Experience

Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review

This keyboard provides an excellent typing experience. The keys are great and provide tactile feedback as expected from the blue switches. The led lighting is good with 3 levels. If you type a lot on your system, this is going to make your work more exciting and interesting with each keystroke. 

Trust me, once you start using a mechanical keyboard, you are never going to touch your membrane keyboard again. It is simply that good. A similar experience is delivered by Cosmic Byte on this keyboard as well.

Additional features

As shown inside the box, you get a keycap puller as well. The Function keys also double up as multimedia keys which can be useful for several users who want to use shortcuts. 

There are individual indicators for Num, Caps, scroll lock. It also allows you to swap your arrow keys with W A S D keys and vice versa to aid you better in gaming! Other than that you can control the brightness and speed of the lighting and patterns as well. It features anti-ghosting.

Facts & FAQs

To be straight on facts, this keyboard is one of the best budget mechanical keyboards with led lightning. Each key has its own lightning individually. But do note that you cannot change the color of individual lights. You can reduce or increase the lightning and effect speed on a total of 3 steps. If you want an RGB keyboard with individual key lights customization then you can shell out some more money for Cosmic Byte GK-16. 

Outemu Blue Switches

Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review

The keys on the keyboard are Outemu blue switches. These switches are clones of the renowned Cherry MX Blue Switches. Well, why clones? It’s simple, you won’t get the Cherry switches on any budget keyboard. For those, you need to shell out a lot of money. Well, these Outemu Blue switches just like Cherry Blue are known for their distinctive tactile feedback and sound. 

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Yes, they do make a lot of sounds when you are typing with them. I personally like this. But, if you are someone who doesn’t or works in an environment that requires silence, then you should look at the other variant of this same keyboard which has Brown or Red switches. Those make comparatively less noise. You can know more about each type of mechanical switch on the internet very easily.


Thus, to conclude I must say that the CosmicByte Neon Rainbow is a great keyboard if you are new to mechanical keyboards and want to get started with them on a budget. I have been using this keyboard for quite some time and my experience has been great so far. I haven’t faced any problems or hiccups so far. 

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So, I can surely go ahead and recommend this keyboard if your budget is Rs. 2000. But, if you can increase by Rs. 500, you can get the CosmicByte GK-16 which offers software for customizing your key lightning with RGB Colors! Other than that, both are pretty similar. 

We hope you found the  Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard Review from Tecgag useful. Also, do share this video with your friends and family who are looking for mechanical keyboards or should try using one. Trust me it’s awesome once anyone switches to Mechanical Keyboard.