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Boat Airdopes 381 Review

Boat Airdopes 381 Review: Fashionable Earbuds at an Affordable Price!

Kushal Raut
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Boats Airdopes 381 Review: Fashionable with decent sound at a affordable budget

Boat has recently launched the Boats Airdopes 381 a couple of months ago. The listing on their site really looks fashionable as it comes with a lot of colors to pick from. We at Tecgag are here to find out if Boat has offered something beyond the catchy colors in our Boat Airdopes 381 Review.

In this article, we are going to unbox and review Boat Airdopes 381, their latest truly wireless earphones. Let us get started with Boat Airdopes 381 Review.

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Boat Airdopes 381 Review

We will start with the unboxing, and then move on to the Boat Airdopes 381 Review. The Boat Airdopes come with good quality packaging. Inside the box, one can find the earphone case with the earbuds itself. The box also includes a short USB A to USB C cable inorder to charge the case of Boat Airdopes 381.

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Other things include a quick start guide which includes information about pairing the device and much more. It also includes additional eartips sizes such as small and large, The earbuds come fitted with medium size. The last thing is the warranty card which allows you to register the Boat Airdopes 381 for 1-year warranty. 

Boat Airdopes 381 Review

We at Tecgag are going to divide Boat Airdopes 381 Review into 6 sections such as build quality, charging case, earbuds, battery, sound quality, and conclusion.

Build Quality 

The build quality is plastic which is expected at the price point of Rs. 2000. The best part about these earphones is that they are funky and stylish. You can get them in a multitude of colors which isn't the case with several other earphones. This makes them more appealing to gen-z. 

Also, the earphones are rated Sweat and Water Resistance with IPX5 Rating. Other than that, it supports Bluetooth 5.0, fast charging, 7mm drivers, and tap controls for tracks and music play pause. It is good to see that these earphones come with a USB C port and not a micro USB port. On the Boat Airdopes 381 Review side, the build seems fine for the price to features ratio.

Charging Case

Boat Airdopes 381 Review

The charging case of Boat Airdopes 381 is made up of plastic. The case does not pick up any fingerprints as seen with other competitors which is good. The feel isn’t high-quality, but it is decent for the price. The hinge is decent and provides a satisfying click sound every time you close it.

The case also houses the battery inside which charges the earbuds whenever you place them in the charging case. The case has four circular leds which show the battery status of the case. Each led light signifies 25% of battery juice. The charging case also features a USB Type C port for charging which is a good choice for sure. 

Boat Airdopes 381 Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 381 Review

The Boat Airdopes 381 earbuds are tiny and compact. They do provide a good seal because of the silicone eartips. Each of the ear tips feature the boat logo and a led light. The area around the logo is capacitive for touch and gestures. The gestures are similar as found on other earphones such as tap to pause, double tap to skip track and so on.  We will talk more about these in the Sound section of Boat Airdopes 381 Review.

The earbuds also have a microphone which allows you to take any calls on the go. The detailed tap gestures for each earbuds including invoking Google Assistant are mentioned in the manual. The earbuds are charged on the case magnetically and are held very firmly inside the case.

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Battery Life

According to the company's claim, these earphones can last around 4 hours per charge. And the case can charge them again for 4 times. This claims the battery to last 16 hours technically. The fast charge feature gives 1 hr of playback in 5 mins.

The battery life of Boat Airdopes 381 is livable to that claim if you aren’t listening at full volumes. According to our testing we got a slightly lower battery backup after using it on full volume. So, depending upon the usage the battery life would vary slightly. In our Boat Airdopes 381 Review, we got weeks of battery life with non-continuous usage

Sound Quality

During the time I spent with these earphones for Boat Airdopes 381 Review, I found the sound signature to be decent. It's not bad or amazing either. It's somewhere in the middle. The bass is higher than moderate which could be great for someone who likes a lot of bass. 

Don't get me wrong it's not bass-heavy but yes you can feel the thumps. The vocals are clear enough with good separation. I must say for the price, these sound great. Also, it features a mic that can be used for taking calls or meetings. It's good enough to use indoors where there is not much surrounding noise. 


Boat Airdopes 381 Review

Thus, this was our Boat Airdopes 381 Review. It’s great if you can get these in a sale for around Rs. 1500. 

To conclude, the Boats Airdopes 381 is a good choice if you want striking colors with good style including a decent audio experience.

I just wished the build quality was a bit better and premium. I think it would have been a good move for the long-term. As we know the track record. But Boat has good customer service when it comes to replacement. 

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